Peace Corps Prep Application Form

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Peace Corps Prep Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Peace Corps Prep at the Colorado School of Mines, the first such program in the State of Colorado. This certificate program is open to all Mines students, including international scholars.

Peace Corps Prep is a way to gain focused international-development skills in preparation for a career working abroad. Peace Corps Prep graduates are historically accepted into the Peace Corps at a rate three times that of non-Prep students. And the program is valuable even for those who won't join the Peace Corps but who want to work in an international or multicultural context after graduation.

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, then complete the following form to the best of your ability. And, yes, the form may be confusing at times. But we're here to help. Contact us if you have questions. Once you have submitted your form, we'll be in touch to fine tune it if necessary.

Let's get started!

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