PC Prep Program Summary

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In the Peace Corps Prep program you will:

  • Gain specific skills needed to work in development projects and countries of your choosing.
  • Acquire any needed foreign-language proficiency.
  • Develop intercultural competency crucial for working abroad.
  • Hone your leadership skills through service learning and volunteer work.
  • Join a worldwide network of Peace Corps Prep graduates.
  • Become an exceptionally qualified candidate should you choose to apply to the Peace Corps after graduation.

The Mines Peace Corps Prep program is open to all undergraduates in all majors (If you're a grad student talk with us; we may be able to custom-tailor a program for you). Applications are accepted year round. Note: Citizens of any country may participate in the Mines Peace Corps Prep program, but you must be a US citizen to serve in the Peace Corps.

Although successful completion of the program does not guarantee you a place as a Peace Corps volunteer, it will make you a highly competitive candidate for these sought-after positions. And even if the Peace Corps isn't part of your after-graduation plans, the Peace Corps Prep program will expand your global awareness, give you international knowledge and skills that employers value highly -- and other benefits.

See the Peace Corps Prep Checklist for specific details on how the program works.

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